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Airline Pilot Job Interview Questions

Dreaming to become an Airline Pilot? Want wings to fly for the airlines? Then here is a set of guidelines that help you to start your career to take up an Airline Pilot job. The Airline Pilot job is the most exciting, glamorous and highly paid job. The Airline Pilot is a person who directly operates and controls the flight and functions of the aircraft. A lot of training is required to get the license to fly an aircraft.

30 Airline Pilot Interview Questions

  1. What Is Crm Process As an Airline Pilot?
  2. What Is The Map On A non-precision Approach?
  3. Tell Me How Winglets Serve To Conserve Fuel?
  4. What Is The Importance Of Proficiency In Several Languages For A Pilot?
  5. What Is The 1-2-3 Rule?
  6. Describe The Landing Gear Of The Plane You Are Flying?
  7. What Makes A Good Captain Or What Do You Expect From A Captain?
  8. List Your Qualifications As A Pilot?
  9. What Is Grid Mora?
  10. What Is The Definition Of CRM?
  11. Where Is The Faf On A Vor/ils Approach?
  12. What Is Vso Of Your Most Recent Aircraft?
  13. What Is The Max Distance From The Runway If You Were To Circle To Land?
  14. Why Cape Air?
  15. What Is Mach Tuck?
  16. What Is Tower’s Nordo Signal To Be Cleared To Land?
  17. How Would You Behave As The Pilot Of A Plane During An Emergency?
  18. What Is VMCG?
  19. What Is The Difference Between Blue, Green Airports?
  20. Pilots Have Many Simultaneous Responsibilities During The Flight. What Can You Tell Me About This?
  21. What Is Gradient Climb?
  22. Tell Me The Biggest Factor As Far As Fuel Conservation Goes As It Relates To A Jet Engine?
  23. What Is Windshear?
  24. What Is Moca?
  25. Explain What Is VDP?
  26. What Is Hyperventilation?
  27. What Are The Max Airspeeds In C Airspace?
  28. How Radiation Fog Is Formed?
  29. What Is Hypoxia?
  30. What Is A Squall Line?




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