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Electrical Engineering Job Interview Question

So, did u study electrical engineering and a job search? Also, Need a job in the power engineering sector? Thus, here’s a way to make the job search easier? So, Electrical engineers have contributed to the development of a wide range of innovations on electronics from the global positioning system to electric power generation. Also, they design, produce, test, and oversee deployment of physical, electrical, and electronic devices.

So, Electrical engineering has now been subdivided into a wide range of sub-fields including telecommunications, digital computers, computer engineering, power engineering, telecommunication, control systems, robotics, radio, signal processing, instrumentation and microelectronics. There are many positions in electrical engineering, such as operator of control rooms, electrical engineer, maintenance of junior engineers, electrical design engineer and mechanical trainee etc. Thus, here are just a few questions for electrical engineering job interview to kick off your job search.

20 Electrical Engineering Job Interview Question

  1. What Is The Difference Between A Verilog Task And A Verilog Function?
  2. Explain The Differences Between “direct Mapped”, “fully Associative”, And “set Associative” Caches ?
  3. What Is Electric Traction?
  4. How Can You Start­up The 40w Tube Lite With 230v Ac/dc Without Using Any Choke/coil?
  5. What Is “pu” In Electrical Engineering?
  6. Operation Carried Out In Thermal Power Stations?
  7. What Is Marx Circuit?
  8. What Is Encoder, How It Function?
  9. Why Link Is Provided In Neutral Of An Ac Circuit And Fuse In Phase Of Ac Circuit?
  10. What Are The Advantages Of Speed Control Using Thyristor?
  11. Why Human Body Feel Electric Shock ?? In An electric Train During Running , We Did Not Feel Any shock ? Why?
  12. What Is The Principle Of Motor?
  13. How Tube Light Circuit Is Connected And How It Works?
  14. What Is Meant By Armature Reaction?
  15. What Happen If We Give 220 Volts Dc Supply To D Bulb R Tube Light?
  16. Why, When Birds Sit On Transmission Lines Or Current Wires Doesn’t Get Shock?
  17. What Is Acsr Cable And Where We Use It?
  18. What Is Vaccum Currcuit Breaker.define With Cause And Where Be Use It Device?
  19. Which Motor Has High Starting Torque And Staring Current Dc Motor, Induction Motor Or Synchronous Motor?
  20. What Will Happen When Power Factor Is Leading In Distribution Of Power?




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