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Informatica Interview Questions

Very much of a market trend. Looking for questions regarding Informatica job interviews? Not understanding how to prepare?. Then don’t worry, we’ve got a solution to plan for your interview. Informatica already exists and has tremendous demand everywhere. Competition is high in the future, because of its scope. Informatica is a software firm that deals with data management and technology integration in the enterprise cloud. Informatica platform is used to build data warehouses for businesses. ETL platform collects, transforms, and positions data in data warehouse. Please look at our interview questions on Informatica to get the job done.

20 Informatica Interview Questions

  1. What Can We Do To Improve The Performance Of Informatica Aggregator Transformation?
  2. How To Delete Duplicate Row Using Informatica?
  3. What Are The Different Lookup Cache?
  4. What Are The Differences Between Connected And Unconnected Lookup?
  5. How Can We Update A Record In Target Table Without Using Update Strategy?
  6. What Is The Difference Between Router And Filter?
  7. What Type Of Repositories Can Be Created Using it Repository Manager?
  8. Which All Databases Powercenter Server On Windows Can Connect To?
  9. What Is A Code Page?
  10. Which All Databases Powercenter Server On Unix Can Connect To?
  11. Explain Use Of Update Strategy Transformation?
  12. Also, What Are The Measure Objects?
  13. So, Discuss The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Star & Snowflake Schema?
  14. Also, What Is The Method Of Loading 5 Flat Files Of Having Same Structure To A Single Target And Which Transformations I Can Use?
  15. So, Compare Data Warehousing Top-down Approach With Bottom-up Approach.
  16. Also, Why We Use Partitioning The Session In it?
  17. So, What Is The Router Transformation?
  18. Also, How Do You Create A Mapping Using Multiple Lookup Transformation?
  19. So, what is the Difference Between Summary Filter And Details Filter?
  20. So, Is it a Cleansing Tool? If Yes, Give Example Of Transformations That Can Implement A Data Cleansing Routine.




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