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Mobile Developer Job Interview Question

If you’re a web developer with Hybrid Mobile App Developer / Lead-Android & iOS-Javascript / XML experience then there are a number of jobs that are waiting for you. Would you like a job with a web developer? Do you have trouble taking an interview? You’re then in the right place. You will find solutions to your problem here. Mobile app creation is used to describe the act or mechanism by which a mobile app is created, such as personal digital assistants, business digital assistants or mobile phones, for mobile devices.

Another good courier for your future is the mobile developer. There are many developer jobs such as 2D and 3D Mobile Game Developer, Mobile App Developer; Android Mobile App Developer, Android Developer, and PHP Developer, etc. Please look at our Mobile Developer Job Interview question in your first interview to be successful.

20 Mobile Developer Job Interview Question

  1. Described Anr?
  2. How To Avoid An Anr?
  3. How The Mobile Applications Scoped And Specified?
  4. Which Information Do You Need Before You Begin Coding An Android App For A Client?
  5. How To Respond To State Transitions On Your App?
  6. When We Say That An App Is In Active State?
  7. Described Scenarios When An Application Goes Into Inactive State?
  8. Tell Me When An App Is Said To Be In Not Running State?
  9. Which Framework Is Deliver Event To Custom Object?
  10. How An Operating System Improve Battery Life While Running An App?
  11. When Running In Foreground Than In Background Why An App On Ios Device Behaves Differently?
  12. Which Api Is Used To Write Test Scripts?
  13. Tell Me The Name Of That Application Thread From Where Uikit Classes Should Be Used?
  14. Which Framework Is Used To Construct Application’s User Interface For Ios?
  15. Which Tools Required To Develop Ios Applications?
  16. Tell Me Which Json Framework Is Supported By Ios?
  17. Tell Me Does Ios Support Multitasking?
  18. Where Test Apple Iphone Apps If Don’t Have The Device?
  19. Which Data Types Does Aidl Support?
  20. Explain Folder, File & Description Of Android Apps?




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