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Prepaid Product Manager Vacancy in Airtel

We are a fun-loving, vibrant and fast-growing company that inhales creativity and aims to offer our customers an unforgettable experience and win them for life. We are looking for candidates having experience as Prepaid Product Manager. People with zeal, enthusiasm & determination, people willing to break away from traditional positions and do jobs that have never been done before.

Airtel is serving one in every 24 persons on this planet. We are a true Indian MNC which operates across Asia and Africa from 17 countries. Here, we place our clients at the centre of all we do. We empower our people to push boundaries and grow into tomorrow’s risk-taking entrepreneurs from today’s skilled professionals.

We hire people from all realms and give them resources that promote individual and professional growth. Here, in the third-largest mobile operator in the countries, you can collaborate with the best minds in the sector to create innovations that really enrich our customers ‘ lives.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Delivery on a 500 Cr+ revenue target through various product and sales empowerment initiatives and delivery on profitability targets through cost reduction and optimization initiatives
  2. Effectively manage the actual & allocated group costs and ensure process efficiency to achieve timely cost reduction
  3. Create new avenues of cost optimization – manage the overall balance of off-net & on-net business to achieve the end deliverables of profit
  4. Maximize avenues of reciprocal business opportunities for the Airtel spend
  5. Work with IT & Network teams to streamline processes for correct cost representation & allocation
  6. Manage product & network development to enable a superior product experience for customers
  7. Benchmark with global competition
  8. roll of new technologies like CEN and develop new product features to create a competitive advantage
  9. Align product features on the basis of customer and market behaviours
  10. Create unique features and differentiators for NLD and enable a profitable positioning
  11. Identify product variants & execute the same in a timely manner
  12. Manage and drive network factory to be in line with customer environment and needs. Drive automation and efficiency of processes to enable fast go to market


  1. Thus, Enable capacity & network readiness through projections & planning with Network and Sales teams
  2. So, Lead response to changes in the business environment, regulatory policy changes, competitor actions etc.
  3. Also, Ensure compliances of product to different regulatory requirements
  4. So, Customer and partner engagement for all major and complex deals
  5. Moreover, Collaborate with factory functions for synergizing the network actions at one Airtel level
  6. Hence, Create strong content for Airtel showcasing its scale and strength & increase localized content in India
  7. Also, Develop and maintain senior level engagement with the industry analysts
  8. Moreover, Showcase Airtel’s achievements and strengths in relevant forums and events
  9. Also, Senior level engagement with other market players in global business
  10. Thus, Identify and develop growth areas on the basis of geography, segments etc.
  11. Also, Enable a strong direct & indirect sales channel
  12. So, Analyze and develop segment and geography based strategy for tapping business opportunities

Skills Required

  • Strong analytical ability
  • Drive for execution 
  • Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills
  • Result orientation
  • Good understanding of business models in wholesale & enterprise markets
  • Understanding of regulatory framework
  • Product and process innovation

Educational Qualifications

  • Engineering + MBA

Purpose & Impact

So, this prime role is to strategize and execute plans to grow NLD and Access business. Also, NLD and Access is a 500 Cr+ portfolio in Global Data Business, positioned at the Wholesale Carrier and OTT market. So, in this role, You will establish Airtel as a key and leading NLD and Access provider.

Year of experience: 4 – 10 years

Location: Bhubaneswar




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